Choosing Process Mining Vendor: Steps 6 – 7

Step 6: See the software in action

Similar to any other software, a pivotal stage in choosing the most fitting tool for your business is testing it or witnessing it in live action. Many vendors offer complimentary trials, affording you the opportunity to assess the software’s functionality and performance.

Throughout the trial duration, it’s vital to employ your genuine business scenarios to appraise the software’s proficiency in dissecting your data and spotting enhancement possibilities.

Should a trial period not be available, ensure the vendor can present a demonstration featuring your actual data. This approach provides you with a tangible view of how their tool aligns with your business.

During the testing phase, contemplate the software’s user-friendliness, the precision of outcomes, and the depth of insights offered. Scrutinize the software’s potential to craft tailor-made visualizations and analytics, along with its adeptness in managing intricate data structures.

Assessing the software’s integration capabilities is also imperative – can it seamlessly link with your data sources and accommodate your organization’s data volume and intricacies? Take into account the time required for integration setup and whether any bespoke development is necessary.

Now, we hear you asking: What about getting a proof of concept created?

Consider this analogy: why test-drive a car?

To experience its driving dynamics, correct?

Similarly, is it truly essential to embark on a 200km test drive when a spin around the block can provide a reasonable impression of its appearance and performance?

Proof of concepts often entail considerable costs, particularly in terms of internal resources. They can become an undue burden for buyers, especially when vendors can demonstrate during the sales phase (via demos, guided tours, and potentially a free trial) how their platform aligns with your company’s use cases.

In numerous instances, a proof of concept becomes redundant if the demo and sales phase has been thorough and tailored to your needs.

Step 7: Compare pricing and Total Cost of Ownership

The conclusive phase in selecting a process mining vendor involves contemplating the overall cost of ownership (TCO). This encompasses not just the initial software expense, but also the continuous outlays for maintenance, training, and support.

Assess the vendor’s customer support and training provisions, as these can significantly influence the TCO. Reflect on the availability of online training, documentation, and support channels, along with the promptness of the vendor’s support team.

Process mining vendors furnish an array of pricing structures, ranging from one-time licensing fees to subscription-based models. It’s imperative to scrutinize each vendor’s pricing framework and discern the one that aligns with your budget and requisites. Some vendors might offer distinct pricing tiers contingent upon user count, data sources, or features.

The pricing landscape is multifaceted, so meticulously consider each component individually and holistically:

Licensing Structure:
Does the vendor employ a one-time license fee approach, or do they follow a subscription-based model? Are the pricing tiers determined by factors like user count, data sources, or features?

Contract Duration:
What is the duration of the contract? Can you choose between a month-to-month subscription or a more extended commitment?

Tailored Pricing:
Does the vendor provide personalized pricing plans tailored to your precise needs and demands?

Supplementary Expenses:
Are there any extra charges involved, such as fees for training, support, or maintenance?


If we were to introduce just one more step, it would involve tapping into your intuition.

What impression do you get when interacting with a vendor? Do you sense their enthusiasm for their solution? Do they pose insightful questions about your specific use cases and invest time in understanding your business needs? Ultimately, the vendor you select will become an integral part of your business for (hopefully) a considerable time span—thus, their commitment matters.

Choosing the appropriate process mining vendor can indeed pose complexities and challenges. However, through defining needs, researching potential vendors, assessing their capabilities, testing software, and factoring in total cost of ownership, you can reach a well-informed decision that harmonizes with your business objectives.

Furthermore, it is equally crucial to account for the vendor’s proficiency, customer support, and approach to data strategy, security, and privacy, alongside their integration capabilities.

By adhering to these steps and adopting a comprehensive vendor selection approach, you can opt for a process mining tool that enhances efficiency and sheds light on your business processes.

Should you wish to delve deeper into process mining vendors, and perhaps explore whether QPR aligns with your needs, feel free to connect with us below.

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