Customer Case: QPR ScoreCard and QPR ProcessGuide Lead Swisscom Fixnet to Higher Quality Levels

Swisscom Fixnet is one division of the Swisscom Group, which is with revenue of CHF 10.1 billion for 2004 and 15,477 employees No 1 in the Swiss telecommunications market. Swisscom offers a comprehensive range of telecom products and services and is positioned as the leading provider of mobile and fixed voice and data services and Internet(based services.
In spring of 2001, a project called process perform( ance management (PPM) was started by Swiss( com Fixnet. Several business areas were involved to reach the overall goal to create a PPM standard within Fixnet.
The solutions chosen were QPR ScoreCard and QPR ProcessGuide.

Mirjam Thuering, Head of Data Management & Analysis, Customer Care, Swisscom FixnetMirjam Thuering, Head of Data Management & Analysis, Customer Care, Swisscom Fixnet

The target was to bring several existing models of the core processes into only one business process model and to make a proof of concept of an integrated process performance management with one particular core process. The target was also to achieve more transparency in terms of performance (time, costs, and quality) of the service fulfillment. It was of big importance for Swisscom Fixnet to support the continuous process improvement acts by setting target and alarm values to quickly identify the fields calling for action.
“Our benefits of using QPR ScoreCard and QPR ProcessGuide are an increased awareness of the current situation of the enterprise and the department. This also relates to more transparency and a more consequent transformation from plans intoå actions.”
“Due to one database, which is accessible to everyone, the same values are also used within the whole enterprise and thus, no discrepancies exist. It is also possible to see who is responsible for which values.”
Definition and Communication of Goals

After eight months, the PPM System was implemented and further developed in the business area of Customer Care of Swisscom Fixnet. QPR ProcessGuide and QPR ScoreCard are used to present the data on a high level whereas an OLAP tool is used to analyze detailed measure data. The next step was to develop a balanced scorecard based on the concept of Norton & Kaplan. The strategy of Swisscom Fixnet was drilled down into strategic goals, and KPIs were defined to measure the strategic goals. Some KPIs are measuring values using operational process data. With help of the strategy map, the strategy was communicated to the different operational units within Customer Care. The new scorecard replaced the old management cockpit stored in Excel files.

QPR ScoreCard and QPR ProcessGuide are Widely Used

Right now, one superior scorecard exists on the Customer Care level, which has got five subordinate ones belonging to different business units. As Mirjam Thuering explains, ScoreCard is mostly used at the company management level, where measures are also reviewed in the QPR Portal.

Additionally, two more service level Score-Cards for the two profit centers within Swisscom Fixnet, Bluewin, and Retail Business, exist. Bluewin is the Internet provider of Swisscom, while Retail Business is among other tasks responsible for the marketing of the bulk business.

Unproblematic Adaptation to Current Situation

KPIs of the scorecard are updated monthly, while the whole structure is revised yearly, states Mirjam Thuering.

Because the telecommunications industry is a rather fast-changing branch with rapidly alternating products, processes related to them mutate quite often. Accordingly, the scorecards need to be kept on a current level as well.

These days, the new strategy 2005- 2007 was developed within the company, which led to a new Scorecard 2005. At the same time, the cause-and-effect models were refreshed.

A new model was created within the internal Customer Care Control at Swiss-com Fixnet and another one solely for external clients.

Tangible Quality Improvements within Nine Months

In addition to process KPIs, Swisscom monitors customers, finance, and resource areas. Currently, they have 15 KPIs in total and each KPI has a responsible person. They are broken down internally into about 100 smaller goals belonging to the different business units and the various incoming channels. These are for example defined by different telephone numbers.

“We make continuous studies of our customers. QPR Score-Card helps us remarkably in analyzing and distributing the results to all concerned.”

Nicole Strausak Head of Processes, Planning & Analysis, Customer Care, Swisscom Fixnet

“One can see at a glance the current situation, which directs us to immediate action when needed. I would say that the biggest benefit is the increased transparency.”

“During the last months, our quality has improved significantly, which shows in customer surveys. QPR ProcessGuide and QPR ScoreCard made us understand better and more aware of the entity and thus lead us towards the right decisions.”

The customer satisfaction surveys are carried out quarterly, while the contentment of employees is assessed annually.


“We use QPR ScoreCard reports and analysis monthly and find it very beneficial as we can comment and attach documents that support the decision-making.“

“The usage as such has increased our communication, transparency, and understanding.”

QPR ProcessGuide and QPR ScoreCard – Concise, Easy to use, and Strong

Swisscom Fixnet has made a very comprehensive study of several solutions before they made their decision. In the end, QPR ProcessGuide and QPR ScoreCard were on the shortlist with two other vendors.

“QPR’s solutions could provide us with the relevant information clearly and concisely. The integration possibilities and short implementation time helped us to move on with our project and not be hemmed in the process.

Another determining factor was that we have a local support contact through Impact, a QPR Partner” – Nicole Strausak explains about the decision process.

The future

One of the future tasks is to adapt the scorecard to the current situation. The organizational structure of Customer Care is going to be changed this year and new goals are set, which need to be aligned.

The department is also confronted with direct inquiries from other divisions, who show interest in the scorecard and how the processes work.

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