Customer Case: Telindus Belgium Introduced QPR Metrics to Turn the Company into a Strategy-Focused Organization

Telindus is responsible for the Belgacom Group’s ICT activities. It is a market-leading ICT services company with a proven reputation in the delivery of business-enabling ICT solutions for public and private sector organizations and service providers. Telindus has activities in 15 countries mainly in Europe but also in Asia.

“The BSC has brought strategy onto every Telindus Belgium manager’s priority list”,
Luc Mertens, International Director. ICT & Processes.
The “Process Management” and “Balanced Scorecard Project” of Teknosa is selected as the best practice project by Sabancı Holding Business Excellence Committee (SABE) and got the highest points among 56 projects in 14 companies.
Telindus Belgium has chosen QPR Metrics to shift their focus from tactics and operations to strategy.

Telindus Belgium, one of the leading companies for communication and network products and services in Europe, faces continuously changing market conditions and competitive pressures.

For a company to thrive in such an environment, internal change (strategy, organization, and culture) and the inherent motivation of their knowledge workers, require constant management attention.

Balanced Scorecard offers each organization a powerful tool to focus on strategy and to communicate and review this strategy effectively throughout the organization. The strategy must become a principal concern of every Telindus Belgium employee. The BSC supports the creation of the correct atmosphere to facilitate strategic change.

Through the QPR Metrics and the strategy map, the Telindus Belgium management explains their strategy and creates and sustains strategic awareness amongst their team members.

More so, the map highlights the individual contribution to the strategy and reinforces the involvement of every single employee.

Every Telindus Belgium employee has view access to the Scorecard. Several departments introduced the scorecard to track performance and improve adherence to the strategy.

Understanding one’s role and objectives strengthens commitment

Telindus Belgium employees understand the strategy now better than before. Once their role and its impact on the company objectives have been explained their commitment to change increases considerably.

A scorecard improves the consistency of the communication effort within a company. The indicators reveal the importance of certain objectives. The strategy map provides a clear view on the cause and effect and the cohesion of the different elements.

The Telindus Belgium management benefits also considerably in their communication to the Board and the employees.

Not only strategy execution…

QPR Metrics supports strategy execution but Telindus Belgium does not limit the use of the scorecard to strategic purposes.

A scorecard may serve as operational means as well to monitor performance and to coach employees via early warning indicators. Certain account teams within Telindus Belgium manage their performance with the scorecard tool.

The integration between ISO 9001– 2000 and the scorecard emphasizes the constant drive for better quality. 

Clear evidence shows that the scorecard(s) promote better cooperation between departments. Employees consider strategy, business planning, and budget more as an entity than as the loosely coupled activities they were perceived before.

Collaboration possibilities – key factors for choosing QPR

Telindus Belgium has chosen QPR Metrics after a careful analysis of their requirements and a thorough demonstration of the functionalities of QPR Metrics.

Furthermore, the Telindus Belgium management regards the collaborative portion of QPR i.e. the creation of actions and the follow-up of them as a key feature in the QPR Metrics product.

Telindus Belgium developed a scorecard with a BSC product from a BI vendor. They decided to switch products in favor of the QPR Metrics application after a thorough demonstration of its capabilities.

Telindus Belgium was impressed by the ease of use of the application.

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