Effective and automated company-wide performance monitoring with QPR Metrics

du streamlines performance management with QPR’s automated Balanced Scorecard solution.

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Manual data collection and scattered tools used for Balanced Scorecards caused lack of visibility and access to corporate performance

Single automated system for automating data collection, quality control and distribution and reporting of monthly reports

Balanced Scorecard

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QPR Metrics

Having utilized both manual and scattered tools to manage its Balanced Scorecards, du identified the need to unify its approach to better align its business activities with the vision and strategy of the organization. du collaborated with QPR Metrics to provide it with the required support and bring consistency to performance management, as well as automate the data collection to effectively track the progress of the large organization.

About du

du is an integrated telecommunications service provider in the UAE. The company is 39.5% owned by Emirates Investment Authority, 19.75% by Mubadala Development Company PJSC, 19.5% by Emirates Communications and Technology LLC, and the remaining 21.25% by public shareholders. du is listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and trades under the name du. du launched mobile services in February 2007 across the UAE. More information is available at www.du.ae.

The challenge of scattered data

du resolved to expand the scope of its Balanced Scorecard implementation while bringing the corporate aspect under the ERP system. Hence a need to automate data collection, information accessibility, and presentation arose. Centralized performance management enables organizations to keep improved track of the progress of operations. Earlier, du had managed its performance vis-àvis an ERP system where information regarding rewards and incentives was stored centrally, whereas the corporate and departmental Balanced Scorecards were maintained in MS Excel.

Collating performance management under one system enabled du to streamline the entire performance management and decision-making process across the company.

The prominent factors that du considered when looking for a viable solution were ease of use, scalability, and support for good graphical presentation of data. A cross-departmental team of business and technical staff evaluated three different Balanced Scorecard tools before choosing QPR Metrics based on technical and commercial guidelines.

The QPR Metrics solution stood out with:
  • Easy implementation that did not require expensive hardware 
  • Strong local support 
  • Competitive pricing
 “We have been using QPR since 2012 for Balanced Scorecard reporting. QPR is useful for collecting data from various sources, ensuring data integrity, and producing useful management reports for successful Strategy Execution.”
Raju Vathsala, Senior Director, Performance Management, du
Automated BSC to effectively track performance

du was committed to transforming its legacy solution and implementing a user-friendly and automated system that tracks the monthly performance of all scorecard holders. As a result, du offered the implementation team a great degree of support so that they were able to independently define and fine-tune the details concerning architecture and implementation as early as possible. The implementation was managed by QPR’s partner in the UAE, IYCON. The project was estimated to take approximately 90 days and it was executed in a phased manner with every milestone clearly described.

The implementation team at IYCON ensured that the project remained on track, meeting the deadlines of each phase. Most importantly, the flexibility of the IYCON team ensured that all of the du’s requirements were met. The flexibility of QPR Metrics allowed for extensive customizations to meet the high standards of visual guidelines and user experience.

As ease of use was paramount for the team at du, the automated Balanced Scorecards ensured with QPR Metrics were easy to adopt and also adapt to the organization’s evolving requirements. In addition, the graphical interface was user-friendly and did not require any specialized training for using the system.

Data-driven decision making

Data aggregation and collation are experiencing steadfast growth throughout the region. Having recognized the mounting importance of data analysis, du chose the automated Balanced Scorecard solution powered by QPR Metrics, so that the focus could remain on delivering relevant information and reports to attain a comprehensive picture of how the organization’s performance was developed.

The new system enabled du to streamline data collection, quality control, distribution, and presentation of monthly reports. QPR’s solution supports du so that more time can be spent on data analysis, whereas previously a significant amount of time would be spent collecting data and ensuring its integrity.

Benefits of the solution

  • Owing to the scalability of the solution, du has been able to manage scorecards and recycle KPIs based on the changes in the organization structure with little effort.
  • The communication of the performance progress has become more effective as the QPR-powered solution is a fixture in monthly management meetings.
  • The big picture and the progress of the performance can easily be tracked with visually presented data.

IYCON is a transformational technology solutions company with a mission to serve businesses and governments, by delivering high-quality strategic execution services, through world-class technology tools, expertise, best practice methodologies, and continued quality support. IYCON deploys its solutions based on its best practice methodology – PRISETM, which has been successfully used across the region over the last 14 years. IYCON’s mission, “Sustaining Your Adaptive Advantage™” is geared to support companies discover and maintain their competitive advantage, as well as empower them with the ability to master change. www.iycon.com

About QPR

QPR Software Plc is a publicly listed (NASDAQ OMX) software vendor providing world-class solutions for strategy execution, performance management, and process excellence with over 20 years of experience. QPR’s comprehensive software offering is highly recognized by distinguished technology analysts such as Gartner. QPR’s products have over 2 000 customers from over 50 countries with more than a million licenses sold to date. www.qpr.com | www.community.qpr.com

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