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QPR ProcessAnalyzer customers

400+ process mining projects delivered to 200+ customers internationally since 2009

Using Process Mining for Risk Management and Internal Audit
  • Customer needs
    • EY UK was facing increasing pressure from regulators to use analytics for testing controls. They needed an understanding of all events and sequences in a process.
    • They wanted to understand the efficiencies of their processes, and how to get the complete picture of an end-to-end process from a large amount of data and events without oversimplification.
    • Overall goals: Precise internal control, reactive approach to errors, identifying weaknesses, adapting to changes in the risk management landscape.
  • Solutions
    • Transform from process analytics to process mining with QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
    • Discover the as-is process and gain an understanding of the event flow through the lifecycle of a transaction.
    • Combine process discovery with conformance analysis for benchmarking and process improvement.
  • Benefits
    • Improved efficiency and quality of auditing and risk quantifying
    • Obtaining an efficient view of the internal process, assessing the quality of KPIs, and prioritizing actions based on risks.
Stewart Wallace

Director, Risk Analytics, EY UK

“Process mining allows you to look at every transaction, with 100 percent coverage. QPR is the one that I always turn to for ease of use and the fastest time to insight. Root Cause analysis works well in QPR ProcessAnalyzer.”

Company Overview

EY is one of the biggest professional services firms in the world, with more than 270,000 employees, headquartered in the UK. EY provides assurance, tax, consulting, and advisory services to businesses from their 700 offices in over 150 countries.

Improving supply chain based on data – analysis of real process
  • Customer needs
    • To respond better to customer needs and requests, Metsä Board started the initiative to improve predictability and harmonize operating models in 2011.
    • Metsä Board wanted to understand the real status of their Order-to-Cash process through a process analysis based on their SAP data.
    • Overall goals: Improve delivery accuracy, Improve production efficiency, Optimize stock rotation, and Reduce the number of changes.
  • Solutions
    • With the help of QPR ProcessAnalyzer and the QPR ProcessAnalyzer SAP connector, Metsä Board gained fact-based insights into their process performance and efficiency through end-to-end process analyses on their SAP data.
  • Benefits
    • QPR ProcessAnalyzer’s process visualization feature revealed that the influence of order changes was the bottleneck of Metsä Board’s Order to Cash process efficiency and the root causes were ad-hoc requests and internal adjustments.
    • Process analysis results allowed Metsä Board to focus on fixing the root causes by training personnel on agreed process guidelines to drive internal efficiency, rather than investing further in SAP development.
    • Their order line volume increased by 60 %, and the conformance of order lines increased from 40% to 80%.
Jari Vuori

VP Supply Chain – MetsäBoard

“The process insight and facts delivered by QPR ProcessAnalyzer were priceless. We were immediately able to focus our process improvement activities on the right things to reach the results our business needed. And not wasting time on trial and error.”

Company Overview

Metsä Board is a leading European board producer and pulp supplier. In 2018, Metsä Board’s sales totaled EUR 1.9 billion, and has approximately 2,500 employees.

Digital transformation in banking and insurance industry
  • Customer needs
    • As it had been difficult with centralized risk management operations to detect reasons for process failures in local offices in 30 countries, KBC wanted to find a way to reduce operational risks. 
    • They also wanted to identify RPA opportunities in their credit acceptance process. 
    • Overall goals: reducing risks, saving processing costs, maximizing efficiency in front and back office, and increasing sales.
  • Solutions
    • Using QPR ProcessAnalyzer in KBC Bank and KBC Insurance to create 20+ process mining models, including main processes such as credit acceptance and customer termination.
  • Benefits
    • With the help of QPR ProcessAnalyzer, KBC can follow up worldwide execution of processes from the headquarter, remove unnecessary steps in the credit acceptance process and automate other steps, keep track of the SLA situation in every subtask, reduce throughput times and give customers faster service.
    • For example, QPR ProcessAnalyzer’s process visualization feature revealed a bottleneck caused by a deficiency of the e-form system, doubling the promised processing time.

Sander Van Lombeek

Team Lead, Commercial Credits KBC Group

“Process mining gives us real insights into the sales potential of our employees based on conversation ratios and working time, which helps us to automate bottleneck tasks and increase sales.”

Company Overview

A multi-channel bank insurer, focusing on private clients and small and medium-sized enterprises headquartered in Belgium and operating in some 30 countries. In 2018, KBC’s revenue totaled EUR 8.0 billion, and has approximately 42,000 employees.

Fast track to enterprise level process mining
  • Customer needs
    • Recognized the need to benefit from the data available in their IT systems (SAP) concerning their business processes.
    • Terumo had realized that fact-based, as-is processes, must be discovered to better manage the business.
    • Missing the process KPIs to keep on track with the change management projects, and new initiatives such as RPA.
  • Solutions
    • QPR ProcessAnalyzer and QPR ProcessAnalyzer SAP connector, fully implemented with several processes under 3 months to gain as-is processes.
  • Benefits
    • Terumo gained transparency to actual as-is processes which helps to speed up the RPA journey.
    • Process mining became a tool to facilitate facts but also to act on the findings and better meet the business targets.
    • Process-driven KPIs such as Happy Process were formalized and added to the company target line.
Siem Jaspers

Supply Chain Analyst Terumo

“The good thing is that in 3 months you build something that’s a complete x-ray of the processes, and you can bring those facts on the table without debates, it’s coming right out of your system, and having that is a big power in making decisions with those fact-based data.”

Company Overview

Terumo Europe is a core player in the EMEA healthcare market by providing best-in-class quality products and services. The fiscal year ending March 2018 had revenue of 637M & 1296 employees.

Gaining transparency in the consumer loans process
  • Customer needs
    • After introducing automation in their credit application process, Piraeus Bank quickly discovered they needed new ways to understand their processes to fix the issues they had when automating – interviews no longer worked.
    • They needed to know what their processes actually look like, what the key bottlenecks are, how to monitor rework, as well as how to identify deviations.
  • Solutions
    • Start process mining with QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
    • Set relevant KPIs and targets for improvement activities.
  • Benefits
    • Increased transparency in Piraeus Bank’s consumer loan process:
      • Demonstrating key bottlenecks to management.
      • Identifying inefficient process variations and their sources.
      • Diagnosing differences in employee performance and their reasons.
      • Cutting the loan application process from 35 minutes to 5 minutes on average.
Lambros Bessas

Senior Manager – Piraeus Bank

“Thanks to QPR ProcessAnalyzer’s powerful process visualization capabilities, we were able to demonstrate the consumer loan process bottlenecks to the broader management, identify optimization points and make recommendations to improve the process. In 5 minutes, we saw the bottlenecks of the process.”

Company Overview

With approximately 12,000 employees, Piraeus Bank Group offers a full range of financial products and services to approximately 5.2mn customers in Greece.

Driving business optimization with Process Mining
  • Customer needs
    • Solvay wanted to understand how their huge SAP, with 115 sites and 61 countries, is used by the organization and what the best areas for reducing rework and unnecessary order changes are.
    • Identifying ways to deliver more goods and better service for end-customers with existing resources being effectively focused.
    • Overall goals: Less rework, shorter order confirmation, better customer satisfaction & correcting master data issues.
  • Solutions
    • QPR ProcessAnalyzer directly connected to Solvay’s SAP delivers a fact-based understanding of Solvay’s business processes – including all process variants, potential deviations, and lead times.
  • Benefits
    • Process mining brings fact-based understanding to BPI workshops by providing the prioritized list of findings related to how often certain activities happen, what the total affected business value was, and what are the root causes.
    • Designing a “happy path” – how the order handling process should be executed to guarantee the shortest possible lead times with the least rework.
Alexis Papageorges

Global Supply Chain Excellence Manager

“Using the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Conformance Checking with embedded root cause analysis made it easy to immediately identify some important improvement areas. Working with these low-hanging fruits has already increased our efficiency by 20%.”

Company Overview

Solvay is a multi-national advanced materials and specialty chemicals company with HQ in Belgium. In 2018, Solvay’s sales totaled EUR 10.3 billion, and has approximately 24,500 employees.

Intelligent business transformation with process mining
  • Customer needs
    • Nokia wanted to harmonize their processes due to an upcoming acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent as the process data was spread between the two.
    • Nokia wished to use their data to be used for the improvement of their process as normal workshopping methods are time-consuming and Nokia had a large dataset that they wanted to be used for analysis.
  • Solutions
    • Using QPR ProcessAnalyzer and QPR SAP Connector, the data stored in Nokia’s systems were extracted and Nokia gained a visual representation of their as-is process by analyzing lead times.
  • Benefits
    • QPR ProcessAnalyzer revealed delays in the process using the visualization tools, giving them insights on where to improve lead times in their processes
    • Nokia gained insight into their process performance and was able to communicate the necessary changes using the presentations offered by QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
Eric Tessier

Director of Procurement

“Process Mining methodology allows continuous improvement of the running process and allows to identify opportunities for enhancement, such as automation and when it can be implemented.”

Company Overview

Nokia is a global telecommunications company that is creating solutions for the connecting world. Nokia operates in over 130 countries and employs over 101 000 people.

Get a quick overview so you can spend your time improving your processes.

You can easily define and set up processes according to your own needs using a convenient layout tool. In addition, since all types of workflow processes can be managed, you get all case management in one single system. 

Analyses, statistics and reports give you an unbeatable overview with real-time status and division of responsibility. Nothing has to fall through the cracks anymore and you always have an accurate and up-to-date base for decision-making.

CANEA Process is a tool that allows you to model and share business processes in an easy-to-use graphical web interface.

Seeing is understanding

Visualisation gives all employees an understanding of the organisation’s processes, activities, responsibilities and information flows.

Living processes

Identifying working methods while making it easy to update is the basis for continuous improvement of processes.

Create a complete picture

Linking together documents, information and tools with clickable process maps create an intuitive and comprehensive management system.

CANEA Workflow is an IT solution that automates, quality-assures and speeds up administrative workflow processes.

You can easily define and set up processes according to your own needs using a convenient layout tool. In addition, since all types of workflow processes can be managed, you get all case management in one single system. 

Analyses, statistics and reports give you an unbeatable overview with real-time status and division of responsibility. Nothing has to fall through the cracks anymore and you always have an accurate and up-to-date base for decision-making.

By creating executable processes in CANEA Workflow, you get both better control of the situation and smoother processing.

Streamlining the work

Ensure compliance and that handovers are done correctly and with the right information.

Correct decision support

You get an unbeatable overview of the processes in real time, with both clear reports and clear diagrams.

Improve processes continuously

Our process support can be constantly adapted to changing needs and requirements. In this way, we give you the best possible conditions for your daily work.

A document management system without complicated folder structures.

CANEA Document combines simple and intuitive search features with powerful features for managing documents from a life cycle perspective.

Maximum availability
Search and find information quickly based on what you need, not where it is stored.

High security
Ensure accuracy, changes and access to all information – with high traceability.

Fulfils requirements
Manage information according to standards, legislation and other requirements for document management.

CANEA Document supports everything from production, publication and modification to archiving and deletion – with full traceability and version management.

CANEA Document provides secure management of all types of documents – in one place. Tagging the information with metadata creates a virtual, multidimensional folder structure. This means that a document appears in multiple locations at the same time, with authorisation-controlled access. The right information in the right place for the right users at the right time!

You can usefully add your company’s process-oriented management system to CANEA Document. All production and distribution of documents is quality-assured and streamlined. In addition, your employees always have access to the most up-to-date version of the documents – directly via intranet, tablets and mobile phones.

Improve the performance of your project activities

CANEA Project is a comprehensive project tool with integrated support for all types of projects and parties– such as management, resource owners, clients, project managers and project participants. CANEA Project gives you an excellent overview of your entire project portfolio, including profitability and status, making it easier to prioritize and make decisions.

CANEA Project shares all important project information with both internal and external members.

Let your project manager focus on management rather than administration and distribution of the information.

Gather all project information in one place and make it available to both internal and external members.

Helps you with prioritization of projects, resource management and analysis of portfolios and programs.

Make reality of the strategy

CANEA Strategy makes it possible for organisations of all sizes to create a unique common thread from the strategic work to the daily operations. We do not just provide performance management tools but rather a completely new generation of IT support for strategy activation. The system guarantees and provides support throughout the chain from strategy to execution. You get no results without action. CANEA Strategy makes it possible in practise! 

CANEA Strategy ensures and provides support throughout the entire journey from strategy to execution.

Create a shared understanding of the strategy, the goal to achieve and how.

Gives management an unbeatable overview of what’s happening, how it’s progressing, and why.

Creates a clear common thread from the strategy to project, initiatives and actions.