How to Use the Accounts Payable Process to Gain Competitive Advantage

Traditionally, companies haven’t emphasised effective management of accounts payable. However, recognising its significance, the article stresses elevating it as a top management priority. It discusses the importance of the often-underestimated accounts payable process in today’s business and offers insights on making it a strategic priority. The article also outlines how to leverage invoice processing as a competitive advantage in the back-office function.

Common Risks of Not Having an Efficient Process in Place

Without an efficient accounts payable process, there’s a risk of late payments, duplicate payments, and missing cash discounts. This may harm vendor relationships, leading to poorer service and deliveries, impacting the organisation’s offerings to customers.

Current Challenges in Managing Accounts Payable

Common approaches to efficient accounts payable management involve delaying payments to enhance free cash flow and reducing the cost per invoice through strategies like offshoring and outsourcing.
Below, we discuss what makes these approaches risky.

Over-optimising invoice processing causes more problems than benefits

Attempting to swiftly and cost-effectively pay numerous invoices, often through outsourcing and offshoring, poses risks. It can lead to a chaotic situation, impacting the company negatively with overdue payments, duplicates, fragmented and insufficient payments, missed discounts, and unmatched purchase orders (POs). Prioritising accuracy in accounts payable is crucial, and it’s not worth risking for the sake of quick invoice processing.

The lack of data-based insights into the accounts payable process causes time-consuming detective work

Addressing issues in over-optimised invoice processing becomes challenging without accessible and understandable accounts payable data. Detecting delays, identifying PO-lacking payments, or locating duplicates requires extensive detective work. Having a defined process and access to clear real-time data about your AP process is crucial to making these tasks possible and less time-consuming.

Stricter consumer protection acts can lead to significant penalties when failing to pay invoices on time

Be cautious if delaying payments is your strategy to maximise free cash flow, as fines can be significant for mishandling invoices. For instance, under France’s Consumer Protection Act of 2015 (Act Hamon), companies may face a fine of €375,000 for delayed payments, doubling for repeated breaches within 2 years.

“If you’re struggling to prioritise accounts payable, consider asking others if paying suppliers on time is preferable to a €750,000 penalty.”

Automating the accounts payable without end-to-end process transparency

You’ve likely heard that automating your accounts payable process solves all AP issues, boosting efficiency and reducing human errors. While automating error-prone manual steps is wise, blindly automating without understanding the end-to-end process leads to efficient mistakes. It’s smarter to analyse your process based on data first and then automate the most profitable parts.

Transform Your Accounts Payable into a Strategic Asset Using Process Mining Technology

Integrating intelligent process mining technology into your accounts payable process can turn it into a strategic asset. Process mining utilises otherwise overlooked AP data to understand processes, maximise cash discounts, identify overdue payments, address invoices without purchase orders, and pinpoint process issues. Simultaneously, it enables automated reporting, boosting AP automation and three-way matching rates, reducing manual correction time.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer, an AI-driven process mining tool, helped a large European bank shift focus to improve the automation rate of existing initiatives. In two months, their zero-touch rate increased from 5% to 40%, resulting in €2.6 million in cost savings.

Process mining helps you:
  • understand your process
  • collect cash discounts
  • identify overdue payments
  • spot invoices without purchase orders
  • understand what caused problems in your process (i.e., root causes)
  • improve your automation rate
  • increase the three-way matching rate
  • show vendors that you are a reliable partner
  • have automatic reporting instead of spending days building reports
  • benchmark the average duration of invoice payments internally
Real-life benefits gained from process mining – driving productivity and cutting costs

Metsä Board reduced the number of invoice corrections by 80 %

Piraeus Bank reduced process lead times by 86 %

A large European bank increased its zero-touch automation rate from 5 % to 40 %, which resulted in € 2.6 million in cost savings.

Process mining is your ally at every step, ensuring efficient and strategic management of your accounts payable process. Ready to unlock hidden value in your AP process?

Watch a quick 2-minute demo on improving the Accounts Payable process using process mining software.

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You can easily define and set up processes according to your own needs using a convenient layout tool. In addition, since all types of workflow processes can be managed, you get all case management in one single system. 

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