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QPR software solutions were developed to offer advanced business tools for process mining, enterprise architecture, performance and process management, as well as strategy execution. 

QPR Software was founded in 1991 and became the leader in Process Mining.

RQTech has partnered with QRP as the implementation partner for QPR in South Africa.

Process Mining Explained

Process mining is a technique to discover, analyze, and optimize business processes. In traditional business process management, processes are analyzed through time-consuming process workshops and interviews, which results in a subjective picture of the ideal process.

Process mining takes an entirely different – and far more objective – approach. Process mining uses existing data from corporate information systems and automatically displays a dynamic visualization of the real processes, their performance as well as their compliance.

Unlike traditional process discovery, process mining provides answers not only to “what is happening in my processes?”, and “when is it happening?” – but also “why is this happening?”.

One Process Mining platform for multiple challenges

QPR ProcessAnalyzer is an Enterprise-wide Process Mining Platform with flexible functions and intelligence.

Intelligent Automation

Apply automation where it does the most for your business


Build and manage your roadmap by understanding the current state


Gain process insight and monitor critical compliance

Process Mining business functions

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