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At RQTech, we understand that IT has no value unless it helps to achieve strategic goals. Therefore, we strive to understand core business functions and the roles that IT has to play in order to achieve success. Once we fully understand the nature of your business and how technology can best support that business, we serve as a trusted advisor, helping to accomplish short-term and long-term strategic business goals.

Whether this requires network infrastructure, data management, security or project management. We offer the hardware, software, and technical expertise required to succeed in today’s high-tech business environment.

The correct application of an ECM solution to a particular  industry is as crucial as the quality of the technology that it supports. The true value of an ECM solution emerges only when it has been optimised to the industry, the business processes and the technology infrastructure of the company it serves.


Our Solutions

Orbit Archive

Electronic Document Managing Solution

Archive is an Electronic document management system. No more need to have big storage rooms, no more missing files, and a full audit trail functionality…..

Knowledge Management

RQTech specialise in providing Knowledge Management (KM) solutions for Internal Knowledge Management, Contact Centres, Service Desks, Shared Service Environments and Web Self-Service. The Universal Knowledge (Universal) product provides employees and internal and external customer’s access to vital knowledge quickly and easily through a simple to use natural language interface…..

Orbit Workflow

Electronic Storage

The automation of a business process, in whole or part, during which documents, information or tasks are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of procedural rules…..

Our Services

Tech support

We have provided technical and IT support services for several years and have a team of professional and experienced technicians and IT system engineers that can ensure that if you have an IT problem…..

Bespoke Development

Are your employees relying on paper lists, word documents, multiple Excel Spreadsheets and undocumented processes in their everyday work?…..


Email, Websites, SMS, Applications, Electronic FAX, Data Take-on, Bulk Messaging…..