Knowledge Management

One of the biggest challenges that customer service operations departments face is to improve and maintain efficiency, whilst reducing costs and at the same time, meet their customers high expectations.  One of our specialist services is Knowledge Management (KM) Solutions that will provide your team with the ability to improve on internal productivity whilst delivering an enhanced customer service experience. The Universal Knowledge Product offers a user friendly interface which allows acces to vital information quickly and easily. 

Key service departments that can benefit from our KM Solution:

Internal Knowledge Management

Contact Centres

Service Desks

Shared Service Environments

Web Self-Service

Why invest in a Knowledge Management System?

RQTech’s Knowledge Management Solution provides a single view of multiple knowledge sources including response templates for different channels. Our KM solution is a highly functional is a highly functional system that is constantly updated to reflect the requirements of our varied customer base. It can be used as a standalone or as an integrated solution with existing systems such as CRM, ITSM or internal intranets and external websites.

The powerful context-based search function will not only find the right document, but will highlight the area of the document where the answer can be found. This will ensure that your teams are empowered with the right information and consistent answers, wether the answer is held on a website, intranet or in a pdf document on a fileshare.

Key Features:


Logically structure and manage searches for knowledge from one access point.


Natural language search and fragment technology allowing agents and self-service users to locate answers to their queries quickly.


Knowledge can be referenced externally or created internally through a workflow process.


Push information to users when required with a full audit trail to identify who has read the information


Understand knowledge base use, missing knowledge, and monitor user behaviour.


Collaborate with subject matter experts, contribute content, feedback, and request reworks.

Key Benefits

Increased staff productivity

  • Fast access to relevant information

  • Capture of tacit knowledge

Content Control

 • Removing unmanaged silos of information

  • ‘One version of the truth’

  • Consistent and accurate information

Reduced staff churn

  • Reduced training time for new starters.

  • Improved staff engagement.