Orbit Archive

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions will provide your business decision makers the full spectrum of connectivity they need to simplify critical and everyday decision-making.  Orbit Archive is designed to automate and streamline business processes, as well as manage content throughout the Information Life Cycle. The true value of an ECM solution emerges only when it has been optimised to the industry, the business processes, and the technology infrastructure of the company it serves. 

Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions are designed with a combination of content, process and connectivity that allow our clients to build and sustain a competitive advantage by managing content throughout their organisation.  

Our experience in implementing enterprise solutions for a wide variety of industry leaders  has resulted in a flexible, scalable and highly customisable framework.  RQTech’s ECM can support and streamline a diverse set of business activities across the enterprise and solve a broad range of business challenges.

What is Orbit?

Orbit is an extendible, web-based ECM system that has be designed to archive and manage information throughout an organisation.  This means:

Indexing fields can be added or modified as needed.

No Installation on users’ PCs

No updates necessary on users’ PCs

All version updates are done on the server so all users are always using the latest version

Easily accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Orbit Archive Key Features:

Intelligent documents that “know” who has authority to access them

Version control to prevent lost edits

Dynamic serial and parallel routing of documents with reminders

Comprehensive audit trail functionality

Ability to organise files in a user-definable structure

Ability to store compound documents with annotations


Robust search and retrieval

The Key Benefits of Orbit Archive

Allowing restricted, web-based access to documentation for employees, customers and partners.

Comprehensive access control and audit trail functionality

The document routing capabilities of EDMS enables the routing and tracking of documents throughout the organisation

Free resources to focus on core business while EDMS manages your document archive.

We create and support our document archive structures ourselves by using EDMS document indexing and storage structures.

Business Process Improvement is achieved by streamlining and simplifying business processes leads.

Some of the data that can be stored on Archive:

Word Documents

Excel Documents

PDF Documents

Text files





Audio Files

Video Clips